Natalie Grace is a former gymnast turned cheerleader. She just made the switch this year and she is loving it! She is on two different cheer teams and does both all star competitive cheer and sideline cheer for football. 

Just this past summer Natalie also started modeling and she has fallen in love with it. She has big dreams and she wants to share her journey with you as she pursues those dreams. The support of all of her friends and instagram followers has been unbelievable and she is so appreciative! So many of you have proven to be very loyal supporters, by finding and following her each time she has had to start a new Instagram page.

A lot of people have reached out suggesting she get her own website so that her fans don't ever have to worry about "losing her" again. We took that to heart and did just that. We also got requests for ways to support her as well as ways to access exclusive content. You will find that here as well. Thank you so much for all of the support and suggestions and thank you for visiting the new website!